FM2 Laser Screed Flooring Solutions

In most industries, constructing concrete floors is competitive and demanding. Everyone wants their floors done faster and flatter than ever before. The drive to achieve these goals fostered an eagerness among concrete contractors to push the performance envelope.

The laser screed flooring technique allows you to lay concrete floors in wider bays of any size. It dramatically reduces the time, reduces the number of construction joints, improves the flatness of floors and it can also finish low slump concrete with proper guided levels with the use of its hydraulic power. It eliminates the need to fix guide rails every four meters. Laser Screed simultaneously cuts, vibrates & levels the concrete in a single pass. All the above operations are controlled by laser transmitters, receivers & computers. So manual errors are eliminated.

At the heart of FM 2 flooring lies the revolutionary process of laser screeding. Laser screeding is a method of leveling and compacting freshly poured concrete using advanced machinery equipped with laser technology. This process ensures an incredibly smooth and flat surface, eliminating the need for traditional hand methods that can be time-consuming and less precise.FM 2 flooring, also known as screed concrete flooring, represents a leap forward in modern construction. It's a specialized type of concrete flooring that offers unparalleled strength, durability, and flatness. This high-quality flooring solution is ideal for a range of applications, including industrial spaces, commercial buildings, warehouses, and even residential projects.

Advantages of Laser Screed Flooring:

Revolutionizing Efficiency : The FM2 Laser Screed contributes to a significant amount of efficiency for concrete flooring projects. The innovative design and laser-guided technology minimize any need for manual adjustments or corrections, which efficiently reduces human errors that might lead to inconsistencies in the finished product. This automated approach not only accelerates the construction projects but also ensures a more uniform and precise outcome.

Versatility in Applications: One of the most remarkable features of the FM2 Laser Screed is its versatility across a great range of applications. While commonly employed in large industrial and commercial settings, such as warehouses and factories, it is also capable of extending its applications to residential projects as well. This easy adaptability makes it an obvious choice for contractors working on various construction projects.

Sustainability through Precision: Precision is a very important functionality of FM2 Laser Screeding. By ensuring accurate concrete placement and leveling, the machine use effectively reduce material wastage. The reduction in excess material not only helps minimize costs but also contributes to environmentally friendly construction practices. This in turn decreases the overall carbon footprint of the project.

High-Tolerance Achievements: The FM2 Laser Screed is designed to specifically achieve floor flatness and levelness tolerances, as defined by industry standards such as the TR34 , Eurocode[2] Documents. These tolerances are what are denoted as FM1, FM2, and FM3,DM1 which represent different levels of flatness and levelness. This very ability of FM2 Laser Screed to consistently meet these high tolerances showcases its capacity to produce floors of exceptional quality.

Operational Precision: A vital aspect of the FM2 Laser Screed's success lies in its precise laser-guided control system. This very system is designed to ensure that the concrete surface is leveled accurately according to the predetermined elevation. This in turn eliminates any need for manual adjustments. As a result, the floor not only meets stringent flatness requirements but also significantly reduces the need for post-construction corrections.

Quality Assurance: The advanced technology offered by the FM2 Laser Screed brings an additional layer of quality assurance to concrete flooring projects. Contractors can seamlessly rely on its consistent performance to deliver floors that stick to the desired specifications. This reliability reduces the mere chances of rework and increases client satisfaction, establishing a reputation for delivering superior results and making an impression.

Skilled Operator Expertise : While the FM2 Laser Screed is an excellent piece of machinery, its performance heavily relies on the manual expertise of the operators who are handling it. The professionals here should be trained enough to interpret and respond to the data provided by the laser system, ensuring that the concrete is laid and leveled correctly. Therefore, partnering with the right contractors who employ experienced operators is important for maximizing the benefits of the FM2 Laser Screed technology.

Collaborative Workflow : The introduction of the FM2 Laser Screed into the construction process promotes a much more collaborative workflow. The contractors, engineers, and operators, all work together to set precise parameters and then monitor the progress accordingly. This allows for real-time adjustments and ensures that the final product aligns with the project's main objectives.

Long-Term Value: Investing in the FM2 Laser Screed technology in actuality, goes beyond an immediate construction phase. The overall durability and quality of the resulting concrete floors contribute to the long-term value of the structure. The outcome floors are way better equipped to withstand heavy loads, traffic, and environmental factors. This effectively reduces the need for frequent repairs and replacements in future.

Aesthetics: The smooth and flat surface achieved through laser screeding enhances the overall aesthetics of the space. It naturally provides a professional finish by overall elevating the visual appeal of the property.Concrete is leveled and compacted in one operation producing high-strength, dense, durable floors.

So why choose Midas Concrete Floor Solutions?

With MCFS using the latest laser screed machinery, we can lay a high tolerance concrete floor slab of up to 1200 Sq.m. in a single day. The tolerances achieved with this machine in free movement slabs are FM1/DM1,FM2, and FM3 in accordance with the TR34 Document. These laser screed cast FM2 flooring services efficiently reduce the operations time only to increase the speed and productivity of the warehouse. Additionally, in order to harness the full potential of FM 2 flooring and laser screeding one must choose the right contractor, moreover partnering with experienced contractors is also crucial. Here, at Midas Efficient Laser Screed FM2, our contractors are well-versed in the technology who can provide expert guidance, ensuring that each process is executed seamlessly and the desired results are achieved flawlessly.

As you may know, laser screed flooring has entirely revolutionized the construction industry, that happen to offer unmatched precision, efficiency and quality in terms of concrete floor laying. For the best results and top-notch services, you can trust Midas Efficient Laser FM2 to take your construction projects to exceptional heights of excellence and success. With our cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals, we are dedicated to delivering advanced results that will surely exceed your expectations. By embracing the future of construction with Midas Efficient Laser Screed FM2, one can truly experience the difference first hand.

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