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Concrete is the single most important component of the floor and the high standards of the finished floor depend on it. If the concrete used is wrong, no amount of logistics expertise, management planning, kill from the workers or accuracy of the specialist equipment used will make it right. Professional concrete technologists are deployed at the site to achieve the correct mix.
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The following are kept in mind while designing and controlling the mix of RMC design:
• Workability
• Compressive strength
• Shrinkage
• Rate and timing of bleed
• Setting time Concrete/aggregate grading curves
• Fibre mixing
• Quality of component materials.
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Concrete Laying, levelling and compaction

Somero's laser screed machine and compactor are used for efficient laying, levelling and compaction of large pours upto 1200 SquareMeter in one day maintaining productivity, quality and flatness confirming FM2 Surface finish as per international standards TR-34 from UK Concrete Society.

Semi-mechanised Topping Spreader

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Non-metallic Floor Hardener (Dry-shake) topping is mechanically applied based on a designed dosage. Semi Mechanical topping spreader use after the concrete has been poured and levelled. Spreading process will start immediately when concrete achieve its  initial setting property.

Control and Construction Joints

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Filling grooves with PU in construction joints & controlled joints top section filled by sealant and below followed backer rod.
Diamond Plate Dowel
Diamond plate dowels of 6 mm thick (100 X 100 mm) designed c/c spacing, including fixing of PVC sleeve at construction joint or as per design.
Trapezoidal Plate Dowel
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We use a Trapezoidal plate dowel system with steel plates of the following measurements:
• 195/210mm wide x 85mm x 8 mm thick at designed
• c/c spacing.
• 190/205mm wide x 75mm x 8mm thick at designed
• c/c spacing, including fixing of PVC sleeve at construction joint or as per design.
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