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How Does Midas Perform Concrete Floor Restoration?

This technique can be applied to restore the beauty of your floors. In this method, it is necessary to drill a hole close to the crack, and then cover it with grout. The grout acts as a key to secure the crack, thereby preventing its further spread. Loss of soil and leakage is prevented through the grout. It is economical and takes less time to complete.
Another method to plug the hole is by filling the hole with epoxy mortar, or another epoxy using reinforcement bars that are placed inside the hole that was drilled. The bars are predetermined in dimensions and lengths that they stitch to the fractures. The process includes drilling an opening that is 50-75mm in diameter based on the depth of the crack following the location of the crack. The hole should be big enough to allow for the crack to be intersected across its entire length and supply enough repair material to structurally support the load imposed on the key. If water-tightness is the main requirement in relation to structural load transfer then the hole that is drilled could be filled with a durable material that has a low modulus. When both of these properties are needed the first hole is filled with grout, and the second hole is then filled by a resilient material.
Stitching cracks in floor restoration is believed to be an easy and reliable method. Through this method, holes are made in such a way that both exit and entry points are made through the cracks. The holes are then filled with a variety of metallic staples in the shape of U are passed through. In the end, the holes are held securely. Grout or epoxy may be used to fix the ends.
Reinforced concrete flexural fractures can be fixed by post-tensioning. It is a technique that keeps cracks from getting worse or to solve the issue permanently. The method provides a first compressive force to account for the tendons, followed by a second compressive force.Another option for healing active cracks is by making application of the method of flexible sealing. Before deciding on a method for repair for cracks with active cracks the first step is to determine whether it is required to increase the flexural and strength of the tensile across the crack. In order to stop additional cracks from forming close to the one that was fixed, it is advised to construct an expansion joint close to the repaired crack if strength needs to be restored.
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Key features and benefits

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Renew and Refresh: Over time, floors can become dull, scratched, or stained. Our floor restoration process involves deep cleaning, repairing, refinishing, and applying protective coatings to bring back the shine and vibrancy, making your floors look brand new.

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Preserve the Original Character: If you have historic or vintage floors, our concrete floor restoration services are tailored to preserve their unique character and authenticity by maintaining the original features while enhancing their durability.

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Expertise and Attention to Detail: Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in the art of concrete floor restoration. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every step of the restoration process is executed with precision and care.

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Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement: Our Floor restoration services are a cost-effective solution compared to complete floor replacement. By restoring your existing floors, you can achieve remarkable results while saving time and money.

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Customized Solutions for Every Floor Type: Our floor restoration services are tailored to the specific needs whether it's hardwood, marble, terrazzo, or any other type, we have the expertise to restore and enhance its natural beauty.

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