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Jointless Concrete Floors

How Do Jointless Floors Differ from Normal Floors?

Jointless concrete floors, also known as seamless or monolithic floors, are a type of flooring solution that eliminates the need for traditional construction joints or saw cuts. These floors are designed to provide a continuous, uninterrupted surface without visible joints or seams.
Laser screed machines that cast jointless floors result in faster, flatter floors that are cut and levelled all at once. This results in super flat floors and cuts down on time and joints. The massive pour technique is used with this cutting-edge laser screed technology to minimize the number of created joints. These Jointless FM2 floors follow TR-34 guidelines.
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Benefits of jointless concrete floors

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Seamless Aesthetics: Our FM2 flooring contractors ensure that your jointless floors offer a visually appealing and uniform appearance with the absence of visible joints.

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Enhanced Durability: The absence of joints eliminates potential weak points in the floor, increasing its overall durability and load-bearing capacity. Jointless concrete floors are better equipped to withstand heavy traffic, machinery, and other stresses without the risk of joint-related damage.

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Increased Flexibility in Design: FM-2 concrete floors offer greater design flexibility, and more creative and versatile flooring solutions, enabling unique patterns, colours, or decorative treatments.

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Minimized Risk of Joint-related Issues: Problems such as joint spalling, curling, or differential settlement can be eliminated through jointless concrete floors.

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Customizable Solutions: Jointless floors can be customized to suit specific project requirements. Whether it's a particular thickness, surface finish, or additional features like epoxy coatings or polished finishes, the design and specifications can be tailored to meet the needs of the space.

If you're considering using a jointless concrete floors or any similar equipment for your concrete flooring project, then fill out the form and midas technical team will contact you.

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