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FM2 Laser Screed Flooring

How Does Laser Screeding Technology Work for FM2 Concrete Flooring?

Free Movement (FM) specifications implies movement of MHE in all directions and undefined paths. Laser FM2 floors ensure faster and flatter floors which is imperative to floor performance in warehouses and commercial facilities. Laser Screed FM2 refers to a type of machine used for concrete flooring applications. It is commonly used in construction to achieve high-level and flat concrete floors. These laser-screed cast FM2 floors reduce the operations time and increase the speed and productivity of the warehouse.
Our Laser Screed flooring utilizes advanced laser screed technology to guide the machine and ensure precise levelling and finishing of concrete floors. It has a laser levelling system that scans the floor surface and communicates with the machine's hydraulic controls. The screed concrete flooring helps maintain a consistent elevation and slope throughout the concrete pour, resulting in a high-quality finished floor.
FM2 Laser Screed Flooring image

Key features and benefits

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Efficiency: Covers large areas quickly with a consistent elevation and smoothness.

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Accuracy: The laser-guided system ensures precise levelling and flatness, meeting strict floor flatness and levelness specifications.

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Productivity: With its automated levelling and finishing capabilities, the screed floorings can achieve higher productivity rates.

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Quality: A smoother, more professional-looking finished floor.

Gain The Laser Screed Flooring Finish Advantage

Laser-leveled flooring has a plethora of benefits when compared to VDF flooring. The following points will elaborate advantages of Laser leveled floors over VDF (Vacuum de-watered floor).

  • The levels achieved with Laser screed technology are far higher than any other system to create wide panel floor construction.
  • In fact, it is impossible to cast panels wider than 4-6 Mtr. using the VDF system, whereas there is no restriction on panel width with laser technology.
  • The withdrawal of water produces a settlement of the concrete, possibly up to 3%. This can be topped up with the application of a dry shake but with little bleed water at the surface, there is a risk of subsequent de-lamination which is not the case with Laser screed technology.
  • In laser screeded panels construction joints reduced up to 80% which very weakest part of the floor.
  • Some finer materials are removed with the VDF process and fine sands and cement contents of greater than 350 Kg / m3 should be avoided. However, no such conditions are faced with Laser screed technology

If you're considering using our laser screeding or any similar equipment for your concrete flooring project, then fill out the form and midas technical team will contact you.

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