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DM1, DM2 Super Flat Concrete Floors

What is Super Flat Concrete Flooring?

Super Flat DM1 and DM2 floors are advanced flooring systems known for their exceptional flatness and precision. Get the flooring services done ranging from warehouses and distribution centres to manufacturing plants and commercial spaces. Our flooring services proudly feature cutting-edge Super Flat concrete DM1 and DM2 systems. These advanced concrete floor polishing technologies guarantee the highest level of flatness and precision for your concrete floors.
Experience Perfection with our Super Flat concrete floors.
Elevate your flooring standards with our Super Flat DM1 and DM2 floors. With state-of-the-art laser-guided systems, we ensure impeccable flatness, meeting even the most demanding specifications.
DM1, DM2 Super Flat Concrete Floors image

Key features and benefits

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Precision Laser-Guided Accuracy: With the use of laser-guided equipment, ensuring precise levelling and uniform thickness throughout the flooring surface. This technology guarantees exceptional accuracy, even in large-scale projects.

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High Load-Bearing Capacity: Flat DM1 and DM2 floors provide excellent load-bearing capacity, making them ideal for industrial and commercial environments.

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Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Reduce the risk of accidents caused by uneven flooring. Additionally, their smooth finish enables efficient material handling, equipment operation, and ease of cleaning.

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Longevity and Low Maintenance: With our excellent construction technology we minimize the no. of construction joints in the floor slab which is a very weaker zone of the floor and it will minimize the need for frequent repairs or maintenance.

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Customizable Solutions: Our super flat concrete floor contractors provide customized services to meet specific project requirements, Whether it's a particular thickness, surface finish, or specialized coatings.

If you're considering getting a super flat concrete floor, or any similar equipment for your concrete flooring project, then fill out the form and the Midas technical team will contact you.

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